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Register with Job Service On - Line


  • Bottom left hand corner of page click on drop down by “Select to Enroll”
  • Click Job Seeker • Read instructions and follow prompts

ENROLLMENT TIPS: If you do not enter information correctly, pop-ups will appear with explanations of needed corrections. (You may need to remove pop-up blocker from your computer prior to enrolling.) When entering the “hint question” make sure to use a question whose name will never change. Example: Your mother’s maiden name will not change – the name of you pet may change. Suggestions for hint questions: Father’s middle name, elementary school attended, name of road you lived on as a child.

Work History Page: Be thorough and very descriptive on job responsibilities; the computer uses this information for job matching. Also, make sure the information you enter is accurate (including spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc . . .) as you may wish to make a resume from your file.

Skills Page: List valid driver’s license and other licenses and certifications, computer skills, office software (Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Quick Books, etc.), team player, customer service, any office equipment you can operate/use, and machinery/tools used.

Job Preference Page: The occupations you choose for job preferences are the occupations of which you may receive automated phone calls for possible job opportunities. The more jobs you list, the more opportunities for calls. The computer allows you to enter up to six preferences. Be sure to list the amount of experience you have for each job. Experience in occupations must be documented in work history. The key words you list pull from the responsibilities that you entered on the job history page. When entering salary, you may want to list a slightly lower wage than what you would actually like to receive. Many employers have a salary range and we are required to enter the base wage.

Be sure to call toll-free at 1-800-252-JOBS (5627), after enrolling so a staff representative can review your file and make sure everything is correct.

JOB SEARCH TIPS: To see all available jobs listed, do NOT log in. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Log on to website Step 2 – Click on yellow button before “Find a Job” Step 3 – click on the county in which you live Step 4 - Scroll to the bottom of the page to see job listings – there may be more than 1 page Step 5 – When you see a job title of interest, click the box to the right of the job Step 6 – Click “Select” at the bottom of the page to view job description Step 7 – To apply, write down job order number and call toll-free at 1-800-252-JOBS (5627)

If you wish to search other counties, areas, occupations, etc., select the back button at the top of the page and revise your search.

For specific job searches, log in and click on your job preference tab Click Job Match listed to the right of job preference you are seeking and follow steps five (5) through seven (7) as listed above.